Use your career to do good

Online career advice & tools 

80,000 Hours offers guidance for making career decisions to help solve the world's most pressing problems.

Listen for example to podcasts about their top ideas and frequently given career advice

And have you heard about 'earning to give', making an impact by giving away your money to effective causes? 

Their Decision tool offers a great way to structure your career planning.


Job boards

EA Work Club lists opportunities to work for international projects dedicated to effective altruism.

Effective Altruism Job Postings is a place for anyone in our community to post interesting job openings.

80,000 hours job board offers high impact jobs, mostly in English speaking counties. 


Our help

We offer one on one talks to everyone who wants to do more good with their career and/or time via our EA 'Values to Actions' reflection calls. These are one to four low barrier virtual chats, where together we will discuss your plans, offer insightful EA perspectives and try to pin down concrete follow up actions.

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