Effective Altruism Netherlands (EAN)


Effective Altruism Netherlands (EAN)’s overarching mission is to support people and organizations based in the Netherlands to strive for a better world. 


Effective Altruism Netherlands (EAN) was founded as a charitable organization in January 2017 by people who want to do good as effectively as possible. 

EAN is a catalyst, connector and point of contact. We help effective altruists build their networks with specific goals; connect people with those networks and with each other; and we ensure good and nuanced communication about effective altruism in the Netherlands.

The majority of our communication and events is in English, and internationals are more than welcome to join fellow effective altruists in the Netherlands through EAN.

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We would like to act as an incubator for promising project ideas. We help individuals with a promising idea by coaching, providing resources (for example connecting people from our netwerk and aiding with funding applications) and using the EAN brandname. 

Furthermore we are continually building our network and community in the Netherlands and we are helping individuals starting local city and university groups. 

In the following paragraphs we will further explain the above: 

EAN Projects

Potential Project Managers can submit project proposals any time. These proposals are evaluated by the EAN management team and cover a range of topics. If accepted, the Project Manager is assigned a mentor from the EA community who will provide expertise to the person throughout the project.

Projects supported by EAN focus on one or more of the following: 

  • Assisting with finding an impactful career
  • Advising on effective donations
  • Promoting the idea of doing good and doing so effectively
  • Creating opportunities to meet like-minded people
  • Exploring ways of doing good together 
  • Learning more about Effective Altruism philosophy and principles 

EAN Community

The EAN community consists of the EAN team, as well as a number of professionals and graduate students of all ages. These individuals have learned about the EA philosophy either on their own, by attending EA-related events (or both), and associate themselves with the core EA values. We welcome anyone interested in EA, from individuals that range from  those who are new to EA to those who are extensively involved. We understand that different people want to be involved in their own way, which suits their lives and values. 

Though Effective Altruism is relatively new in the Netherlands, the movement is growing quickly.

See page 'EA in NL' for more information.

EAN Organisational structure